2 comments on “Chapter 3 – Breakdown

  1. I really love reading your train of thought and how you break this down. I had envisioned Owen is a window into what happened to Theo as well and as a parallel. Rob has me interested too, and I’m curious about his role. Re the picture, you say it’s because someone is after Charlie in regard to his role in Theo’s death. I took it as a threat to him because he is gay and was with Theo. I thought that’s what Rob meant when he said “you’ll see” and that Jed is after him now. Really great development so far! Oh, re dead cats, I didn’t realize they were dead. The music killed them? Or Theo’s presence?

    • Did I say that about the picture? Hmmmmm…. 😉 I suppose that’s one of the mysteries. But I will say that the “You’ll see” and the picture are two separate mysteries. And one will be revealed in Chapter 5 on March 1.

      See…that’s what I meant about things in my head. I meant to imply that the cats were dead when the text says, “The cats, his audience, are still sitting in a circle around the cement chock. They look like they could almost be sleeping.

      But they’re not sleeping.” I should have bee a little less cryptic but I wanted people to infer that, based on the dead animal discussion in the first section, Charlie was–directly or indirectly–the cause of the animal deaths. It’s something I’d planned on addressing in CH 5 with Charlie directly acknowledging to himself that he is responsible.

      FYI: my thought processes are scary! But I love that you’re here! 🙂

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