2 comments on “2. Yesterday – The Perfect Spiral

  1. Damn, just in general, this is such a great idea. And it’s very ballsy of you to put your writing self out there and show how the gears work inside your head while you write. Just reading your comments tell a lot about your process. Keep this going, Shaun. I’ll recommend this to novice writers who would benefit from seeing these types of notes.

    • The coolest thing is that I fully expect that I’ll be learning at least as much as I put out there. Just in two chapters I’ve started learning a great deal. My normal writing process is just to let things flow. I begin with a general idea and then write, letting it take shape as I write. But this way, not only am I forced to figure ideas out before I go into them, but once I’ve committed to an idea and put it up here for all the world, I’m stuck with it. I can’t go back and change it. If I realize I’ve made a mistake, I’ll be forced to improvise and come up with a solution.

      I’ll be honest, Mike, this is scary stuff. I’m a fast writer, but it’s usually in the weeks and months between drafts that find what I’m looking for. So compressing my schedule into two week intervals is really forcing me to be extra critical of what I’m doing. It’s pretty cool stuff and I really appreciate the support.

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